• Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Online published: 1991-01-15


It is very .significant to reveal spatial interaction laws in the research of spatial trans-portation linkage. In this paper, the following subjects are discussed deeply: (1) Essential fac-torn of spatial transportation linkage. They could be summed up into five kinds: a. Com-munication passageway; h. Spatial differentiation, Including natural and economic differentia-lions; c. Spatial interdependence and competition; d. Location; e. Regional policies. (2). Goods export and import of provincial region. The results of analysis would reveal the external de-pendence of provincial region that was led by goods exchange. In export and import,, there are obvious spatial setup and great disparity in .,tale. The areal coefficient of centralization are very different. (3). Interregional transportation linkage. A complex interaction network was made up by interprovincial transportation linkage;. In the network, most of the linkages are weak, and its main part is determined by 33 linkages that their goods exchange accounts for 46 percent of the total. The macroregional transportation linkage indicates that the goods exchange among six coordinate economic regions arc very different. Its development tend is significant for the allocation of economy and communication. In addition, the conception of "Primary linkage" is defined and used to test and verify the existing foundation of economic regions.

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Jin Fengjun . EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH ON SPATIAL TRANSPORTATION LINKAGE IN CHINA[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1991 , 46(1) : 16 -25 . DOI: 10.11821/xb199101003