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Online published: 1986-01-15


The current taxology of geography in China is an old type that has been left still since 1950s. Geography is absolutely divided into two major parts: physical geography belonging to the natural science, and economic geography belonging to the social seience, whereas human geography is lacking. The frontier sciences are dispersed and included in their original relevant disciplines. So geography is divided in pieces, and there is almost nothing under the subject of geography. Geography doesn’t seem to be independent science that possesses its own classification system.The central task of contemporary geography should still lie in the study of the mutual relation and interaction between the natural environment and human activities, therefore the study of the geography deals with either physical geography or human geography (including economic geography), especially in the comprehensive study oj?these two parts. Geography in mordern times not only tends to synthetic research, but also pays attention to its practical application of constructive role, thus the synthetic character of geography seems to be taken more seriously.In order to catch up with the current situation, first of all, the taxology of contemporary geography must affirm that geography is a synthetic science. For the sake of its synthetic character, books belonging to it should ’be concentrated only on its subject. Geography should be divided into three major parts: The first part is physical geography which deals with the natural environment. The second part is human geography (including economic geography) which deals with human social activities. The third part is named synthetic geography which deals with the comprehensive study of both physical geography and human geography. Becausethe frontier sciences take shape only after the synthesis with physical or human geography, certainly they should ’be entirely included in the geographical classification system. And then geography can really become an independent science that possesses its own system, and will become an more important science that plays a greater role in the construction of our country.

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