• Office of Territorial Planning, Ningxia Autonomours Region

Online published: 1985-04-15


Northwest China covers Shaanxi Sheng. Gansu Sheng, Qinghai Sheng, Xingxia Huizu Zizhiqu and Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu. It is a vast territory and rich energy, metallic or nonmetallic minerals, agricultural and animal husbandry, and tourism resources. Its development potentiality is great. However the climate is arid with extramly unbalance of land and water resources, and delicate ecologic environment, poor transport facilities, backward of the economy and technology and poorly informed. These are restricted factors for territorial development. The paper discusses seven major problems from overall strategic point of view.1. According to the change of industrial distribution centre of gravity all over China, the developmental strategy in Northwest China should be actively forged ahead, reliable and cautions in tactics, its industrial structure should be planned suitible to the transport capacity.2. The development of Northwest China must be adapted to the situation of new technological revolution in the world, and pay great attention to the deep processing and comprehensive utilization, and adopt adranced techniques, so that the new and developing industrial base could be set up as soon as possible.3. Water conservancy and agricultural construction is the foundation of regional development. Emphasis must be placed on the water conservancy, planting grass, afforestation, and investigation, planning, management of water resources. On the basisof the environmental protection, rational use of agricultural and animal husbandry resources, adjustment of agricultural structure and distribution in adaptation to local conditions are demanded.4. Put power industry development as the central link of economic construction, and develop nonferrous and rare metal industry, chemical industry, agricultural and livestock products processing industry eorres pondingly. Pay close attention to geological prospecting and exploit planning of energy resources, and give play to energy resources superiority of all kinds in line with local conditions.5. Our policy is communication construction to be synchronized with industry and agriculture. A network of communication lines must be build step by step, taking railways and highways as the backbone, and consisting civil aviation, pipeline and animal power transportation. The communication connection between Northwest China and Moslem countries in Central Asia. West Asia, North Africa and South Asia should be augmented. The Silk Road for a new period will to be developed.6. According to the development of territorial resources a fair-sized immigration from the coastal provinces in a planned way is required, but it is inadvisable to enlarge its size. In order to guarantee that Northwest China’s economy develops rapidly, the crux of the matter is to heighten the scientific and technical quality of the local people and the immigrants.7. It is a strategic deployment to develop the upper reaches of the Huang He (Yellow River) into a big industrial corridor zone in Xorthwest China. The Heishan Gorge key water control project on the Huang He should be built as soon as possible. Water transport on the Huang He should be revived and developed. Along the Huang He factories of all kinds could he distributed in groups, so as to set up some new industrial cities.

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Wang Yiming . SOME STRATEGIC PROBLEMS ABOUT TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT IN NORTHWEST CHINA[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1985 , 40(2) : 179 -191 . DOI: 10.11821/xb198502008