• Institute of Geography, Academy Sinica

Online published: 1984-07-15


Land-use is the result from long-term reclamation and utilization of land by human beings according to the natural features of land and needs of social production. Land investigation serves as one of the basic tasks on examinating land resources, cur-rent state of its utilization as well as studing the ways and approaches of its rational utilization in the light of reguirements of economic construction and planning both nationally and regionally.The main subjects on land-use investigation includes: land-use condition, land-type structure, magnitude of utilization, production level, distributory characteristics, exist-ing problems, potentialities for utilization, and the direction and allocation of rational utilization. So far as method of land-use investigation is concerned, traditional geo-graphical method and the application of new technology should be combined while emphasis on in situ investigation is advocated so as to make out proposals and sugges-tions on production.Land-use mapping is one of the essential content in the work of land-use investiga-tion. In compiling the land-use map, first the land-use type should be classified based on the characteristics of present land-use conditions, regional differenciation, practica-lity of production and certain hierarchical system. Then, land-use map could be com-piled by means of the interpretation and analysis of aerial photographs and satellite imagery as well as field investigations. Measurment of land acreage for various pur-poses, and study on and analysis of land-use regularities can be carried out through land-use map, hence the basic data and scientific basis for present agricultural regio-nalization and territorial planning can be provided.

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Quo Huan-cheng . PRELIMINARY STUDY ON LAND-USE INVESTIGATION AND METHOD OF MAPPING[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1984 , 39(3) : 259 -267 . DOI: 10.11821/xb198403016