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Online published: 1981-01-15


The authors have explained the basic ideas that centrifugal force potential and its hori-zontal components might influence on the pressure fields and atmospheric active cen-tres, and analysed the rules of the variation in intensity of atmospheric active centresin northern hemisphere as the pole displaced, and corroborated the evidences of their in-fluence by means of the climatic data of pressure distribution.The authors have also discussed the influence of centrifugal force potential causedby pole displacement upon the distribution of pressure departure in Iceland Areas, andgiven a further physical explanation of the migration of the centres of Iceland depres-sion. The calculations indicate that in some weak years of Southern Oscillation thevalues of the centrifugal force potentical and its south components or north componentsof the pole displacement in island and its north-west areas are almost positive, and thevalues of east components or west components dominatly negative. The values ofcentrifugal force potential of pole displacement in Darwin are mainly negative.Again, with respect to 10-year smoothing average values, in the years with largeamplitude of the pole displacement the high pressure centres above Southern PacificOcean are located somewhat to low latitude; On the contrary, in the years with largeamplitude they are located somewhat to high latitude. Corresponding to the periods of6? years of the pole amplitude, the southern boundaries of the North Pacific high-pressure also has a similar variation, i.e. in the years with large amplitudes of the poledisplacement, the southern boundaries of the North Pacific high-pressure are locatedsomewhat to low latitude, and vice versa.Corresponding to the periods of nearly 14 months, 6-7 years and 35 years of thepole displacement, there are similar periodical vibrations of the pressure in certain areasof China as well as the positions of some atmospheric active centres in the world.Finally, the authors have pointed out the possibility of making long-range forecastby means of the rules of the pole displacement and some problems which should be paidattention to in making weather forecast

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Peng Gongbing, Lu Wei . SOME RESPONSES OF THE PRESSURE FIELDS ANDATMOSPHERIC ACTIVE CENTRES TO THEPOLE DISPLACEMENT[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1981 , 36(1) : 59 -69 . DOI: 10.11821/xb198101006