• Institute of Geography, Academia Sinica

Online published: 1986-04-15


Professor Zhu Kezhen had some thinkings on developing modern geography in our country. Three aspects of the thinkings has been introduced in this paper.1. Prof. Zhu believed that the distinguishing features of modern geography might be its synthesis, regionalism and practicality. Based on them, the comprehensive study should be the main direction for developing modern geography. For the sake of improving the comprehensive level, the officials of every organization should learn how to develop each branch of geography and try to link up the relationship among the branches, especially the internal relations between physical geography and economic geography.2. Prof. Zhu pointed out that the great vitality of geography might stem from the definite purpose and results which could be applied in production practice. Developing geography must break with outmoded frame, dare to struggle and dare to win. It is necessary to be lifted out of simple qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis. Armed with modern scientific achievement and instrument, geography will be pushed up to a new top.3. Prof. Zhu emphasized that the most important and urgent need for realizing a leap of geographic science was to foster geographic scientists. He also thought that every geographer should implement the basicline, science research serves the socialist construction, must aim at the target of modern science and work hard for seeking truth and exploring the nature’s secrets till new pathes could be opened up.

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Chen Yongshen, Liang Shan . SOME THINKINGS ON DEVELOPING MODERN GEOGRAPHY FROM PROF. ZHU KEZHEN[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1986 , 41(2) : 177 -183 . DOI: 10.11821/xb198602008