Online published: 1959-05-15


The dictrict of Soochow and Wusi is situated at the southern bank of the lower Yangtze,which is a part of the delta, with an area of 7,500km2. It is one of the most densely po-pulated areas of China. The natural conditions of the district is favourable for cultivation.The cultivated land occupies 70% of the total area while rivers, lakes, ponds occupying 16%;orchard and forest 3%;waste land (chiefly at low hill) 2%;unproductive land,settlement and others 9% respectively. Most of the cultivated land is paddy field. In general, two crops are harvested each year. The main crops are rice, wheat, barley, rapeseed, cotton, vegetables and others. Besides, it is also famous for fresh water fishery, silkworm raising and fniit yielding. It is well known for its intensive farming in China. In the present stage of economic development, regional specialization of agriculture has important significance for raising agricultural productivity, so as to assure a sufficient amount of agricultural products to meet the demand of national economy. It is necessary, by de- tailed field study, to carry on research on the division of agricultural regions of this district, for rational localization of agricultural production. This paper consists of three parts. (1) it analyses the natural and economic conditions of the district; (2) it discusses the characteristics of agricultural production as well as the present condition of agricultural localization; and (3) it, according to the following points: the demand of national economy, full utilization of natural conditions, coordination of specia- lization and comprehensive development, on乡nal basis of agricultural production, labor resources, and administrative units, divides the district into four agricultural regions: (1) Cotton and rice region of Yangtze River bank; (2) Rice, wheat, fishing and silkworm raising region of central part; (3) Orchard, fishing, silkworm raising region of lake side; (4) Agricultural regions of suburb of cities.

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L. CHEN W. C. YANG C. S. GING C. F. WU . AGRICULTURAL REGI0NS OF THE DISTRICT OF SOOCHOW AND WUSI, KIANGSU PROVINCE[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1959 , 25(3) : 180 -200 . DOI: 10.11821/xb195903005