• Institute of Geography, Academia Sinica

Online published: 1959-01-15


An attempt has been made to present an outline for zoo一geographical field work with a view to linking up reconnaissance research with economic reconstruction. Emphasis has been laid on the observation of such items as: (1) the physical envi-ronment of the biotope; (2) the composition and the population of the fauna; (3) the habits and the reproduction of the dominant species; (4) the influences of the dominants on the environment; (5) the parasites of the dominants; and (6) the species favorable to man and those unfavorable. The experiences of the mass of people in treating these 2 groups of speciesshould be highly regarded and the correlation of ecological phenomena to tfte geographica landchaft be advocated. A thorough and careful lstudy of the spatial similarities and differences regarding all the faunistic anti the ecological phenomena may serve asthe basis of drafting schemes for utilization, control and extermination. Care should be taken to guard against the indulgence in the new or rare species, since such may be entirely of no practical use. A reconnaissance research is but the first step in the task of trangform?hg the animal world. It should be follow-ed by detail studies of such problems as may confront any practical work. These reguire more ecological and eco-zoogeographical methods.

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CHANG YUNG-TZU . ON THE METHODOLOGY OF ZOOGEOGRAPHICAL RECONNAISSANCE FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 1959 , 25(1) : 101 -104 . DOI: 10.11821/xb195901007