Chukiang (Shiuchow)-A Study in Urban Geography

  • National Central University

Online published: 1948-01-15


I. Location and Historical Development Chukiang or "the winding river" was a castle-like town which was originally surrounded by a wal1.(Fig. 2)it is situated on the upper part of the Peikiang at the junction of the Tcheng and Wu Rivers, and is on the cro.}srozd both by land and wet0r (Fig. 1).The city was developed as early as Tang Dynasty when Meiling lass was first built. During Manchu Dynasty it stood on the so called "Ambassador Road" through which the foreign ambassadors went to Nanking from Canton. In recent decades, with the completion of railway and highways the city has become not only the Center of Northern Kwantung but also a linking point between Southern Kiangse and Southern Hunan. During war time, the Kwantung Provincial Government temporarily moved there thus accelerating the material construction of the city. Though the Provincial Government has moved back to canton after the war, the city is still and `vill be the most impor-tent one}in Northern Kwantung, The "land neck" between two rivers is the main part of the city (Fig, 3), Since the completion of the Canton Hankow Railway new settlements were developed around the railway station, along the left bank of the Tcheng River.

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