A Gehgraphical Sketch of the Minkiang Valley

  • Ministry of Interior

Online published: 1946-01-15


The Mirikian.g valley is a region. of great geographical interest not only for the river itself being the source of wealth of the Chengtu plain, but also for rich and varied landscape found in the valley。 In summer, 1.995, the region ryas visited by the author who, started from Cherigtu, went up along the river via Kwan-hsien, to Win-chuan; from Weichow an excursion was made to the’ famous Li-fan region. The return journey was via Mou-hsien, across Chia-ping range to Menchu and Chengtu一(See Fig.l) Broadly speaking, the upper Minkian.g valley is a region of intense folding with strongly metamorphosed rocks as gneiss, shist, phylite and slate and some Igneous intrusions The Liarig-tzu range (25km north of Kwan-hsien) and the TUti range stand as the climatic barriers separating humid subtropical Red-Basin and semi-arid northwest Szechuan, South of the Liarig-tzu range and east of the Tu-ti range evergreen broad-leaf forest a :d bamboo bush flourish, As SE monsoon with its abundant moisture is blocked by these ranges, their northern and western slopes immediately become arid, and both soil and flora change accordingly: semi-deseit soils arid scattered sage brush and thorn shrub being the prevailing type.

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