Current Development Situation on Geographical Sciences and Resources Research

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100864, China

Online published: 2005-05-25


This article firstly emphasizes the relationship between geographical sciences and scientific viewpoint of development. Then the author summarizes some hot topics on geographical research in the fields such as water resources, urbanization process, regional development, greenhouse gas emissions and natural hazards. Finally some aspects were expounded, including orientation of geographical institutions, mechanisms for administering scientific research, geographical information technology, field stations construction as well as leadership, organization and human resource management in scientific research. This article is based on the report delivered by Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the forum with the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research on February 22, 2005.

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LU Yongxiang . Current Development Situation on Geographical Sciences and Resources Research[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2005 , 60(3) : 355 -360 . DOI: 10.11821/xb200503001