Industrial Specialization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the Three Provinces of Northeast China

  • School of Urban and Environmental Science, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116029, Liaoning, China

Received date: 2010-01-31

  Revised date: 2010-05-25

  Online published: 2010-08-20


The equipment manufacturing industry is the strategic industry which relates to the national economy development, especially in the old Northeast China industrial base including Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. In this paper, we study models of regional specialization composed of location quotient model, probability distribution and ergodic probabilities model, transition matrix and correlation coefficient model. We calculate the location quotients that can evaluate the level of the specialization of equipment manufacturing industry. Then we adopt discrete-time Markov chain to simulate the probability distribution of location quotient and obtain the transition matrix. We calculate the ergodic probabilities that are used to estimate whether the specialization of regional industry has converged to the steady states and invoke the correlation coeffecient to see the potential of the three provinces in regional specialization division. Based on the analyses of all the indexes of equipment manufacturing industry from 1993 to 2006 in the three provinces, we find that the development of equipment manufacturing industry in the region is not balanced, the grades exist and the gap will be widened. The regional specialization is emerging. Overall, Liaoning is better than Jilin and Heilongjiang, transportation equipment manufacturing industry in Jilin is dominant in the region, even in the whole country. Generally, as a traditional industrial base, Northeast China is unstable in equipment manufacturing industry, and great mobility still exists.

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HAN Zenglin, XU Dan, GUO Jianke . Industrial Specialization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the Three Provinces of Northeast China[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2010 , 65(8) : 899 -906 . DOI: 10.11821/xb201008001


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