The Advantage and the Challenge to Chinese Tourism Geography

  • College of Tourism and Environment Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an 710062, China

Received date: 2003-12-10

  Revised date: 2004-05-09

  Online published: 2004-12-25

Supported by

The National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.40271037


This paper analyzed the current situation and potential of China's tourism. It indicated that in China the tourism geography superiority and the challenge coexist. Firstly, it discussed the China tourism geography's contribution to tourism as well as China's traveling education. Although China's tourism geography has made contribution to tourism development, it tends to be weakened due to the new curriculums arrangement for tourism education. Then this paper proposed that tourism should provide a stage for the achievement of geographical theories and practice so that it can effectively contribute to China's economic development. Emphasis of tourism geography ought to be placed on geography of tourism-related industries. The landscape industry is tourism's core product, thus efforts must be made to concentrate researches on landscape industry, innovative mechanism and model of tourism planning.

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MA Yaofeng . The Advantage and the Challenge to Chinese Tourism Geography[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2004 , 59(7s) : 139 -144 . DOI: 10.11821/xb20047s019


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