The Classification and Analysis of Areal Topology in Extended Metropolitan Area of Pearl River Delta

  • Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,CAS, Beijing 100101,China

Received date: 2007-09-08

  Revised date: 2008-06-14

  Online published: 2008-08-25

Supported by

Innovation Program of the CAS, No.KZCX2-YW-321; National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.40571056


With rapid economic globalization and urbanization,the competition between single cities has been converted into that of city-regions. The concept of Extended Metropolitan Region (EM R ) appeared w ith the dem and of national strategic developm ent, and it has been w idely accepted in regional planning and function-oriented zoning. Therefore, it is an important issue to study the classification and evolvem ent of areal topology of EMR for strengthening regional m anagem ent and spatial planning. So far, few studies on feasible and scientific classification and identification m ethod of areal topology have been developed. In order to identify the prom inent problem s and potential threat in the spatial use in the future, planners and policy-m akers need im proved m ethods for analyzing the areal topology of EMR . B ased on the review of literature, this study presents classification m ethod of areal topology w ith R S and GIS m ethods. Taking Pearl R iver Delta as an exam ple, it discussed the detailed m ethod and procedures of data-processing. D ue to shortage and w asteful use of land the governm ents in Pearl R iver Delta are eager for alternative m easures to control disordered use and spatial spraw l of urban land. It w as found from this study that Pearl River Delta are undergoing large scale urbanization characterized by continuous spraw ls betw een m etropolises, scattered industrial spaces and living spaces along the m ain transportation line or around the central city, m erging of sim ilar kind of areal topologies. W ith the m ethod, some rules of the areal topology and their spatial organizations of the Pearl River Delta EMR were identified. Furthermore, we proposed some counterm easures of spatial m anagement and adjustment. This study show ed the usefulness of com bining remotely sensed satellite im ages with GIS analysis in m onitoring and analyzing areal topology and landscape patterns. It also show ed that rem ote sensing can be effectively used to study spatially explicit urban land-use policies.Furtherm ore, the application of satellite im ages and Google Earth enhanced the regional scale analysis that w as not available by previous research on urban policies.

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WANG Kaiyong, CHEN Tian . The Classification and Analysis of Areal Topology in Extended Metropolitan Area of Pearl River Delta[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2008 , 63(8) : 820 -828 . DOI: 10.11821/xb200808004


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