The Hydrological Effect between Jingjiang River and Dongting Lake during Initial Period of Three Gorges Project Operation

  • 1. College of Resources and Environment Science,Hunan Normal University,Changsha 410081,China;
    2. Hunan Hydro & Power Design Institute,Changsha 410007,China

Received date: 2009-08-18

  Revised date: 2009-09-15

  Online published: 2009-11-25

Supported by

The Key Discipline Building Program on Physical Geography of Hunan Province; Project for Science & Technology of Hunan Province, No.2007Fj302; Plan on Young and Excellent Persons of Hunan Normal University


Based on the measured hydrological data from 1951 to 2008, the linkage hydrological effect between Jingjiang River and Dongting Lake was analyzed by comparative method after the operation of Three Gorges Project. Firstly, the results showed that the scour amount in Jingjiang River was 78.9% of the total scour amount from Yichang to Chenglingji, and that its average scour intensity was higher than the total scour intensity from Yichang to Chenglingji, too. Secondly, the dividing-water and dividing-sand ratios in the three bayous of the Jingjiang River were reduced by 2.33% and 2.78% separately. Thirdly, the average runoff and sediment in the three bayous flowing into the Dongting Lake were reduced by 7.7% and 24.4%, respectively. Fourthly, the speed of sediment filling-up was lowered by 26.7%, which would prolong natural life of the Dongting Lake. In flood season, the runoff amount of the Jingjiang River flowing into the Dongting Lake was 20.2% less than the multi-year average value. The decreases of runoff amount induced droughts in summer and fall, as well as shortage of drinking water and industry water, shipping safety, similarly led to the decrease of birds and the increase of the oriental field mice. Finally, the multi-year average values of sediment and flood discharge capacity in bayous were respectively increased by 26.6% and 3.7%, which protected embankment effectively.

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LI Jing-bao,CHANG Jiang,LU Dian-qing,ZHU Xiang,LU Cheng-zhi,ZHOU Yue-yun,DENG Chu-xiong . The Hydrological Effect between Jingjiang River and Dongting Lake during Initial Period of Three Gorges Project Operation[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2009 , 64(11) : 1342 -1352 . DOI: 10.11821/xb200911006


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