Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 2000, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (3): 346-353.doi: 10.11821/xb200003011

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An Ansysis of Tourism Location

WANG Ying1, WANG Zheng2,3   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of Urban and Environmental Dynamics; The Ministry of Education of China, Inst. of Resource Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875;
    2. Key Laboratory of Environmental Change and Natural Disaster,The Ministry of Education of China,Shanghai 200062;
    3. Inst.of Policy&Management,CAS,Beijing 100080
  • Received:2000-01-27 Revised:2000-03-29 Online:2000-05-15 Published:2000-05-15
  • Supported by:
    NationalNatural Science Foundation of China,No.49771011

Abstract: Location is a common appearance in geography. In 1826, Von Thünen put forward the Agricultural Location. In 1909, Weber studied the Industrial Location. After World War II, the study of the location of the third industrial, the Facility Location, became the focus of locational theory. But in the Facility Location theory, the facilities are some public service facilities, such as the hospital, the store, and the library. They are different from the scenic spots. The tourist attractions are unchangeable. So the Tourism Location is different with the Facility Location. The time of visiting and travelling is the key elements that influence the decision of the tourists. The marginal utility of the scenic spots, f, is defined, f= Δ T y/ Δ T x, where T y is the time of visiting in the scenic spot, and T x is the time of travelling from the tourism distributing center to the scenic spots. Based on the study of distribution and development of the scenic spots of Yunnan province, the Tourism Location is got. From the distributing center to the outer region, four rings appear: ① historic sites, ② fancy scenic spots, ③ tourists stagnation, and ④ folkways of minority nationalities & beauty spots. The location is similar to the Thünen ring, but it is decided by the marginal utility of the scenic spots, f, not by the product profit. Because different kinds of scenic spots provide tourists different visiting time, T y, and the tourist attractions are unchangeable, only T x of the scenic spots in their relevant location can satisfy the consumptive psychology of the common tourism. The tourist location also existed in other part of China, but its scale is larger. Because of the Tourists Stagnation, tourism is not suitable to be developed in some regions.

Key words: tourism, location, Yunnan province

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