Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1994, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (s1): 691-700.doi: 10.11821/xb1994S1014

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Li Xiaofang, Huang Runhua, Cui Haiting   

  1. The committee of Physical Geography, Geographical Society of China, Beijing 100101
  • Online:1994-12-15 Published:1994-12-15

Abstract: This paper reviews the studies on Soil Geography and Biogeography in China and abroad during recent years and looks into the future trends in these areas. Soil geography includes the following aspects: (1) Soil Taxonomy. This paper reviews the worldwide spreading and application of U. S. Soil Taxonomy, the changing viewpoint on soil classification in the former Soviet Union, the revised legend in FAO-UNESCO Soil map of the World in 1988, the contribution of the International Reference Base (IRB) and the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) , and the greaat effort of establishing the system of Chinese Soil Taxonomy.(2) Soil survey and mapping. This paper introduces the advance in new techniques for soil survey and mapping, the changing mapping units and the progress in soil mapping in the U. S. ,Russia, Canada, and China. The progress in the World Soil and Terrain Digital Database (Soter) is also introduced. (3) Soil resource and its evaluation. This paper points out the current situation of the decrease and degradation of soil resource, the progress and prospects of the study on soil resource in China, and the evaluation and mapping of soil/land resources. Biogeography includes: (1) The progress in Geography of Plant Communities in Britain, U. S.,Erope, Soviet Union-Russia, and China. (2) The achievements of the studies on certain types of vegetation by Chinese scholars. (3) The progress in Floristic Geography in China. (4) The advancements of vegetation mapping and the application of new techniques, such as remote sensing and GIS, in this area. (5) The application of Phytogeography, including the progress in Conservation Ecology and Restoration Ecology. (6) The basic study on Zoogeography in China.

Key words: Soil Taxonomy, Soil survey and mapping, Soil/land resource evaluation, the World soils and Terrain Digital Database (Soter), Geography of Plant Communities, Vegetation Geography, Floristic Geography, Zoogeography