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    1936, 3 (4):  649-683.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604001
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    A. 舗gstrom, in his paper "Teleconnections of Climatic Changes im Present Time" uas demonstrated the relationship between the changes of temperature and variation of atmospheric circulation by the oretical means and statistical method. According to his theory that in all localities, where the temperature field is such, that an increase in the circu-lation means an increase also in the difference between energy of advection intr, duced and energy taken away, we will find an lucre ase in circulation correspond to a rise in temper-ature and vice versa.
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    H. v. Wissmann
    1936, 3 (4):  685-696.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604002
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    During a student-excursion in October 1936, four days were spent in Huangshan inSouthern Anhui, the mountain range of perhaps the most beautiful scenery in all Eastern China. In order to prepare this excursion, I had already spent four days in August 1936 inthe same region. As results a map of the region in the approximate scale of 1:30,000and a skotchmap of a larger area in 1:200,000 are published together with this report.
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    Liu En-Lan and Wu Tze-Tsai
    1936, 3 (4):  697-712.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604003
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    In 1927 the Agriculture College of the University of Nanking has started a seriesof experiments upon a new kind of wheat seeds out of 4529 different varieties of seeds,no.2905 was chosen as the best seed. Because it not only has a harder stem to resiststrong winds, but it is not liabale to fungi deseases and also it has proved to have ahigh yield.
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    Trails on the Frontier of Tibet and Sikang, Their Importance
    Ginntze Hs?
    1936, 3 (4):  713-726.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604004
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    1. Gntroduction 2. Trall from Nw India to Ngari Korsun 3. Trail from Nepal to Tsang
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    H. C. Sha
    1936, 3 (4):  743-759.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604006
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    Fuer die Gelaendedarstellung haben wir sechs wichtigen Methoden: 1. Bergschaffen 2. Horizontallinien 3. Schummerung 4. Hoehenschichten 5. Eckers Punktsystem 6. Regionalfarben und Farbenplastik
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    Huan-Yong Hu
    1936, 3 (4):  761-774.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604007
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    A striking indication of the many changes which are taking place in the new China is found in the construction of automobile roads. At the end of 1936 the total length of available roads amounted to 100,000 km.
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    The Upper Sang Kan Ho Tatung Basin, Shansi
    Yen Teh-Yih
    1936, 3 (4):  775-782.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604008
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    (1) Topography of Shansi Plateau (2) Tatung Basin and its Formation (3) The drainage pattern of Upper Sang Kan Ho.
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    Petroleum in The Far-East
    Tsung-Ching Chen
    1936, 3 (4):  783-800.  doi: 10.11821/xb193604009
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    The name "petroleum" signifies "oil from stone."According to the classification ofMale,petroleum is included in the category of bitumens.It is an extremely complextype of mineral oil, compounded of various substances and valuable for its combustiblequalities. It is found in the earth, sometimes lying at great distances below the surface.
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