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    Agricultural Regions of China
    Huan-Yong Hu
    1936, 3 (1):  1-17.  doi: 10.11821/xb193601001
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    Various attempts have been made to divide China into regions of agricultural significance. Both the divisions of Nyhus and Cressey are not very satisfatory. According to my recent study, China may be divided into nine greater agricultural regions which are quite similar to the climatic regions of Co-ching Chu.
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    Lop Nor And Lop Desert
    Parker C. Chen
    1936, 3 (1):  19-49.  doi: 10.11821/xb193601002
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    In the Sino-Swedish Expedition (1929-1933) and the Highway Expedition of Chinese Ministry of Railways (1933-1935) both under the leadership of Dr. Sven Hedin, the writer had the chance to visit this region twice, once with Dr. Nils G. Horner from Tunghwang westwards by camels and the other with Dr. Hedin eastwards from Karakum by canoes.The journey from east was quite an adventurous one by travelling over the salt crust of the ancient Lop sea-bed in 14(1/2) days without water or grazing. Dr. Horner and the writer collaborated in making Topographical, Geographical and Geological surveys of the present Lop nor and its delta regions, nearly 4 months without meeting any human beings.
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    The Climate Of The Huangho Valley
    Huan-Yong Hu
    1936, 3 (1):  51-98.  doi: 10.11821/xb193601003
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    The Huangho Valley lies between the Mongolia Plateau to the north and the Tsingling Mountains to the south. Its latitudinal position is identical with that of Mediterranean Region, but the climates of these two regions are quite different. The former is continental while the latter is oceanic.
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    Soil Survey Of Kiangninghsien And Its Vicinity, Kiangsu Province
    L. Sun
    1936, 3 (1):  99-109.  doi: 10.11821/xb193601004
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    Description of the areaThe area investigated is located in the southwestern part of Kiangsu Province, between Longitude 118°30’ and 119°8’ E. and Latitude 31° 40’ and 32°15’ N. The whole area is about 1740 square kilometers.The topography is moderately rugged. The ranges of hills are distributed at the northeast and southwest parts of the area, with elevations varying between 200-400 meters. The remainder of the area is occupied by the flat recent alluvial plain of the Chinhwaiho. This river has its course commencing from the southwestern hills and flows into the Yangtze River.
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    Salzgeha1t und Wasserbewegung im Suezkanal
    John Lee, Von Georg W黶t
    1936, 3 (1):  111-118.  doi: 10.11821/xb193601005
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    Infolge der Fernwirkungen der Oberflachenzirkulation des Indischen Ozeans berwiegt also im Suezkanal in den 9 Monaten Oktober/Juni ein Wassertransport nach Norden vom Golf von Suez zum Mittelmeer, wobei am Kanalboden mehr oder minder weitreichende rucklaufige Bewegungen auftreten, die von der Salzanreicherung des Grossen Bittersees ausgehen.
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