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    Coching Chu
    1935, 2 (2):  1-31.  doi: 10.11821/xb193502001
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    Temperature:-Having a continental climate, China is too hot in summer and too cold in winter for its latitudes. The deficiency of warmth in winter amounts to 17癈. at Aigun in north Manchuria, but decreases to 4? C. in Kuingchow on Hainan Island. The excess of heat in summer decreases likewise from north to south.If we define winter as the period when mean temperature goes below 10? C. and snmmer when it is over 22? C., we will find that there is no winter in south China south of Wenchow,Chekiang; and no summer north of Harbin,Manchuria.
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    The Distribution of Population in China,With Statistics and Maps
    Huan Yong Hu
    1935, 2 (2):  33-74.  doi: 10.11821/xb193502002
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    China is the most populous country of the world.Besides her great numberof population she has also the most densely inhabited regions which are notcomparable with any other country of the world.
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    C. C. Young
    1935, 2 (2):  75-90.  doi: 10.11821/xb193502003
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    This paper deals with some general geomorphological. features in Kwangsi. Three characteristic features were described, e. g.1.The river system. Special attention is here called to the extreme similarity of the Sikiang in Kwangsi and a part of the Yangtze in Szechwan.Geological history since the Tertiary time was also briefly stated.
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    The Distribution of Different Races in China.(continued)
    G.Yun Chang
    1935, 2 (2):  91-128.  doi: 10.11821/xb193502004
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    1.The Plains 2.The Hilly Regions 3.Plateaus 4.The Mountainous Regions
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    Study On The Submergence Or Emergence Of The Shoreline Of China
    C. Y. Lee
    1935, 2 (2):  129-166.  doi: 10.11821/xb193502005
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    The paper attempts to give some main conceptions about the submergence or emergence of the shoreline of China which has long been puzzled many geologists and geographers.The first part contains a short review of Johnson s classification adopted.
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