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    An Attempt at a NEW Classification of the Natural Regions of China
    F. HUNG
    1934, 1 (2):  1-19.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402001
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    The major division of China is into two regions with marked contrasts in their geographical environment: the Eastern Monsoon Regions and the Central Asiatic Plateaus, the physiographic boundary of which follows approximately the Kbingan Mountains, the In Shan, the Szech-wanese Alps and the edge of Yunnan Plateau.
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    An Analytica1 Study on the Scenic Regions in Chekiang
    1934, 1 (2):  62-69.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402004
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    1. Orography 2. Geology 3. Drainage 4. Vegetation 5. Historical Remains.
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    A Comparlson between North Shensi basin&Szechuan basin
    1934, 1 (2):  70-85.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402005
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    One of the most conspicuous feature in Chinese geomorphology is the similardevelopment of some topographic forms such as basins, plateaus etc.
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    Geology and Human Relations in the Upper Huangho Region
    T.F.HOU, C.C.SUN
    1934, 1 (2):  86-97.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402006
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    The different geological formations and their ecouomie sigmficances.
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    The Aridity of North China:its Causes&Consequences
    1934, 1 (2):  98-109.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402007
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    The rainfall of China is scanty when compared with the northeas ern partof the United States of Ameriea, almost identical in location and in latitude,The aridity of north China was found to be due to the following four causes.
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    Notes on Soils in China
    1934, 1 (2):  110-128.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402008
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    The classification of soils in China is essentially following Marbut's system2.It is first grouped into Pedocals and Pedalfers depending upon their lime content in the soil profiles. Pedocals are predominant in North China where precipitation is not enough to leach out the lime in the soils. While Pedalfers arepredominant in South China where the rainfall is higher.
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    A Model Map of China Under Preparation
    1934, 1 (2):  129-134.  doi: 10.11821/xb193402009
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    Following the completion of the New Atlas of China compiled by V. K.Ting, W. H. Wong and S. Y. Tseng, the modeling of a relief map of China hasbeen undertaken by the National Geological Survey of China under the directionof the writer since late winter of 1933.
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