Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1993, Vol. 48 ›› Issue (6): 544-551.doi: 10.11821/xb199306008

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Diao Chengtai   

  1. Department of Geography, Southwest China Normal University, Chongqing 630715
  • Online:1993-11-15 Published:1993-11-15

Abstract: Urban geomorphological mapping the important method in landform studies and for urban construction. The author approaches the design and compilation of urban geomorphological maps of urban landforms in Chongqing:1)On the basis of the detailed study and the purpose of the maps,urban geomorphological maps are designed at a large scale in Chongqing. Base maps for mapping are at the scale of 1:10000 and the compiled maps are at the scale of 1:50000;2)Urban geomorphological maps are divided into series maps of basic ones and applied ones,and are composed of several thematic maps. In the basic maps the geomorphological elements were taken as mapping objects,and in the applied maps special uses were taken as mapping objects. In general,the appplied maps are compiled by mathematical syntheses on several basic maps;3)A grid method is used in mapping. According to urban landforms and needs of the city,0. 04kmz (200m X 200m)is fixed for the area of a mapping unit,and the mapping region is divided into 3732 mapping units in Chongqing. The thematic maps are compiled after various data were mathematically treated for each mapping unit;4)The mapping in Chongqing City indicates that cruxes to compile basic maps lie in the extraction of data and the determination of classificatory indices,and the keys to compile applied maps lie in the scientific quality of mathematical synthesizing and synthetic indices.

Key words: Urban geomorphologicai maps, Series maps, Crid method, Chongqing City