Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 2010, Vol. 65 ›› Issue (3): 281-292.doi: 10.11821/xb201003003

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Regional Variation of Annual Precipitation along the Tropic of Cancer in Longitudinal Range-Gorge Region

HU Jin-ming1, 2, HE Da-ming1, 2, WU Shao-hong3, LI Yun-gang1, 2, CAO Jie4   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of International River and Transboundary Eco-security, Yunnan Province, Kunming 650091, China;
    2. Asian International Rivers Centre, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, China;
    3. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Beijing 100101, China;
    4. School of Resources, Environment and Earth Sciences, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, China
  • Received:2009-11-30 Revised:2010-01-14 Online:2010-03-30 Published:2010-03-30
  • Supported by:

    National Special Basic Research Fund, No.2008FY110300; National Basic Research Program of China, No.2003CB415101


Through using monthly precipitation data of 24 meteorological stations near the Tropic of Cancer in southern Longitudinal Range-Gorge Region (LRGR) covering the period 1961-2007, this study first analyzed the main characteristics of annual precipitation at each station. Secondly, it tested the changing trend and phases of annual precipitation at 9 stations along the Tropic of Caner in the study area. Then it calculated the correlation coefficients of annual precipitation series and monthly (May to October) precipitation series between stations along the Tropic of Cancer. The results showed that in the study area, annual precipitation and its inter-annual changes are characterized by certain regional variations. On this basis, three zones are identified, i.e., western part, central part and eastern part. High similarity was found in each of the three parts and obvious variation was observed among them. Annual precipitation series at each station along the Tropic of Cancer within the study area did not present obvious “abrupt trends-phases” changes. Range-gorge landforms within the central part of the study area have certain influences upon the spatial variation of precipitation, while high correlation coefficients of annual and monthly precipitation occurred between the neighbouring stations, especially on the two sides of the Ailao Mountain within the central part, indicating that there were no obvious differences for the precipitation-driving factors in the central part. Regional inter-distributed range-gorge landforms are likely to cause local variations of precipitation.

Key words: Yunnan, LRGR, region along the Tropic of Cancer, annual precipitation, regional variation