Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1998, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (s1): 141-148.doi: 10.11821/xb1998s1018

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Sun Guangyou   

  1. Changchun Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun 13001
  • Received:1998-06-22 Revised:1998-11-20 Online:1998-12-15 Published:1998-12-15

Abstract: The comprehensive classification system of mire (CCSM) is based on the single element classification of mire, therefore it is a more complex and higher classification of mire. It is possi-ble to generalize the formation environment and growing process, ecosystem structure and land-scap feature. But for a past long time, a estabilished CCSM has not been found in the world yet. There is not any comprehensive classification system of China which is accepted widely.The principle and mark of CCSM was researched in the paper and found a new CCSM suit-ing the world mire with four grades : the first system is divided into fresh water mire and salt-al-kali mire, the dividing marks are volume of salt of soil, if 0.1 or pH>7.5, the mire belongs to salt-alkaline mire. The sec-ond type is divided into peat mire and gleization mire. The third class is divided into woody mire, grass mire, moss and algae. The fourth bodies is divided into little plant landscap of mire, The mark is superiority plant of mire.Based on the CCSM, we found a classification system of mire of China, including two sys-tems of mire, four types of mire, thirteen classes of mire and 98 bodies of mire.

Key words: mire, comprehensive classification, system of mire comprehensive classi-fication of China

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