Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1994, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (6): 551-560.doi: 10.11821/xb199406009

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Li Jiafan   

  1. Second Institute of Oceanography,SOA. Hangzhou 310012
  • Online:1994-11-15 Published:1994-11-15

Abstract: The coastline in Zhejiang Province is 1840km long. The area of its costal zone amounts to 3. 97×104km2, with a favourable environment,abundant natural resources. Theis provides important conditione for economic development of Zheijiang coastal areas.In this papre ,the formation of the natural environment in the Zhejiang coastal zone is systematically studied according to the information from many year’ s investigation. The resuts show that the formation of the natural environment in the Zhejiang coastal zone depends on the conditions of continent, sea domain and climatic systems. The continental structure is a primary factor, which determines the basic morphological outline in the Zhejiang coastal zone and forms rocky bays and coasts.As a resutl ,the evolution in present coastal morphology has a distinctly historical heritability. Nowadays the sealevel is relatively stable and muds and sands are abundant ,so estuaries and bays are continuously filled. This results in the development of coastal aggradation and beach plains. Because the estuaries and coastline move towards the sea ,a lot of land and prot resources are formed. The offshore areas occurred in not only the interflows between cold and warm watermasses but also the influxes of fresh waters from large rivers. This kind of water favours the growth of plankton on which fish feed , therefore some fisheries exist in the coastal areas (i. e. Zhou-shan fishery). This paperpoints out that the upwelling plays and important "transportion" and "driving" function. Zhejiang Province is located in the subtropical zone and lies to the west of the Pacific Ocean and East of Eurasia. Thermodvnamic differences between sea and continent can constitute obvious monsoon circulation. The warm and wet climatic systems were formed in coastal zone. This condition is favourable to the development on cropping and grazing land. The advantageous factors mentioned above also constitute the excellent natural environment in the Zhejiang coastal zone.The author combines the environmental factors of geology, morphology geography, meteorology, biology, vegetation and soil and divides Zhejiang coastal zone into three natural regions which can be subdivided into ten coastal sections. The incorporation between physical geography and social ecnomics is also studied in this paper.

Key words: Zhejiang, Coastal Zone, Natural Environment, Comprehesive Regionaligation