Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1991, Vol. 58 ›› Issue (1): 57-65.doi: 10.11821/xb199101007

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Jin Desheng   

  1. Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  • Online:1991-01-15 Published:1991-01-15

Abstract: Experiments and simulations for geomorphology are not only a powerful means, but also a closely connected part of goemorphological researches. In this paper, geomorphological ex-periments and main experimental laboratories and field stations are briefly stocktaken. Fluvial geomorphic experimental achievements in China, such as channel pattern bedmaking, influnces of boundary conditions and neotectonic movements on channel patterns, applied fluvial geomor-phology, and experimental theory and technique, etc. are also mentioned. Some limitations in fluvial geomorphic experiments and simulations are indicated. Finally, in the near future, some developing tendencies and suggestions should pay more attention to as following: 1. Be sure to deepen understanding about geomorphic experiments in theoritical studies and practices. 2. Putting focus on overall important, multivariable influnces and effectives of global climatic change in fluvial geomorphology, etc. 3. Establishment for data base about fluvial geomorphological experiments. 4. Developing experimental theory level and improving automatic measuring system. 5. Developing combination of physical nuodelling with mathematical simulation. 6. Orgnizing special committee, e.g. Geomorphic Experiment Group, and widely executing scientific exchange at home and abroad.

Key words: Experimental fluvial geomorphology, Channel pattern simulation, Boun-dary condition, Tectonic movement, Applied experimental study