Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1990, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (4): 399-411.doi: 10.11821/xb199004002

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Cui Gonghao, Wu Jin   

  1. Department of Geo and Ocean Sciences, Nanjing University
  • Online:1990-10-15 Published:1990-10-15

Abstract: The development of Chinese urban fringe is making way into a new stage. It has the characteristic that urban expansion and rural-urbanization promote or carry on simultaneously. This development way of urban fringe is different from that of developed and the other de-veloping countries. The development and changes of Chinese urban fringe is related to de-veloping stage of industrialization and urb;mization. It could divided into three stage: 1) Agri-cultural type's fringe stage (1949-1959), 2) semi-industry type's fringe stage (1960-1978), 3) industry type's fringe (1979-1989). At present, the main problems of Chinese urban fringe are shown as follow: 1) The con-struction of urban fringe is very disordered because of the lack of effective planning policies and theoretical guidance, so there are a lot of problems in achieving an appropriate balance between urban development and resources and environmental protection 2) Since urban frings is situated in city-country combinative area that is no longer rural but is not yet urban, its plann-ing is not only different from that of rural, various built-up area, but also different from that of rural, various index of planning is urucertain. 3) Urban fringe is also a dynamic zone that is undergoing because of it contact with the city, the contradictory of city's expansion and farmland is very prominent, city's expansion caused the heavy loss of prime farmland of fringe. 4) The social and industrial structure of fringe is not stable, economic system is very complex and economic activities and resources tend to focus on the short-term benefits.

Key words: Urban Fringe, Spatial structure, Urban-Rural dual structure, Land-use Form