Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 1990, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (2): 132-138.doi: 10.11821/xb199002001

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Ren Meie   

  1. Department of Geo and Ocean science, Nanjing University
  • Online:1990-04-15 Published:1990-04-15

Abstract: The last decade has witnessed a rapid development of geographical science iit China. In ad-dition to the traditional disciplines, many new and interdiscoplinary research fields have eme-rged and been established, such as population, resources, environment, regional planning and territorial management, and natural hazard. Mean-while, the rapid progress of many branches of human geography has facilitated a more balanced development of geographical science in China. Morever, the application of new techniques, such as remote sensing, information system, long-term geographical stations has also achieved encouraging results. These notable developments have added new dimensions to geography and enhanced its academic status and practical signi-ficance in the country. Other major achieoements include effect of uplifet of the Tibetan Plateau on the environ-ment, new evidences on the quarternary glaciation in East China, urban geography and urban planning and compilation and publication of Historical Atlas of China (in 8 volunes). This paper shoued not be regarded as exhaustive because a short review evidently can't co-ver all branches and disciplines in geography which have also made significant progress during the last decade.

Key words: Development of Geographical Science in China, Balanced development of Physical and Human Geography, Resources and environment, Remote sen-sing and geographical information system