Acta Geographica Sinica ›› 2014, Vol. 69 ›› Issue (4): 566-572.doi: 10.11821/dlxb201404012

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GIScience international journal ranking by Chinese researchers:A questionnaire survey and result

QIN Chengzhi1, CHEN Min2   

  1. 1. State Key Laboratory of Resources & Environmental Information System, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, CAS, Beijing 100101, China;
    2. Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  • Received:2013-09-24 Revised:2013-12-12 Online:2014-04-20 Published:2014-04-20
  • Supported by:
    Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS

Abstract: In this paper, we make a report on the design and conduct of a questionnaire survey (during July and August, 2013) for the first time on GIScience international journal ranking by researchers in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions). A total of 37 questionnaires were analyzed, thus a ranking list of 55 GIScience international journals was produced. We compared this ranking list with the result from an international questionnaire survey on GIScience journal ranking, which is for the only time to our knowledge and without Chinese researchers involved. The main difference is reported. We also analyzed the ranking list from this survey based on the widely-used impact factor of journals. The results show that in general the current SCI/SSCI journal list released by the Institute of Science Index can cover the GIScience international journals well. However, the impact factor of SCI/SSCI journal cannot appropriately reflect the ranking of GIScience international journals. We believe that the release of the result from this survey can help the young researchers and graduate students of GIScience domain in China to know GIScience international journals from different aspects. In such a way the shortcomings due to the abuse of impact factor might be relieved.

Key words: Geographical Information Science, journal ranking, impact factor, questionnaire, China, international journal