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Operation characteristics and practical significance of "Leading Tourists to Villages"

XU Chunxiao(), ZHANG Jingjing   

  1. College of Tourism, Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China
  • Received:2021-05-11 Revised:2021-06-02 Online:2021-06-28 Published:2021-08-30


"Leading Tourists to Villages" is an effective mode for Hunan Province to promote rural development by coordinating various forces. At the special stage of effectively connecting poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, it is of great importance to systematically summarize its establishment process, connotation, operation characteristics and to highlight its significance. The operation of "Leading Tourists to Villages" has contributed to the overall growth of the number of tourists in the villages, but there are significant differences among villages. The total number and the increase of tourists in villages showed five levels. The "star villages" phenomenon appeared in the form of clusters, showing the passenger flow characteristics of "bright spots of growth" and "cross distribution of negative growth." The market opportunities formed by "Leading Tourists to Villages" showed three levels with the characteristics of "market opportunity agglomeration block" and "market opportunity agglomeration belt", which demonstrated the effect of tourism routes construction. The differences in the operation effect of "Leading Tourists to Villages" between villages were related to their own cultural characteristics, A-level tourist attractions, and traffic access conditions. The findings show that synergizing multilateral force is an effective way to promote rural development. "Two-pronged approach" is effective for assisting rural economy market operation. Constructing high quality rural tourism routes serves as a solid foundation. Cultivating the profiting ability of those unique villages is a powerful force. "Two-dimensional echelon advancement" from breadth and depth is an important strategy for sustainable development. The model of "Leading Tourists to Villages" provides the following insights: We should emphasize the coordination between government and market, focus on the "market cultivation" of villagers' management consciousness and skills, especially encourage households models and leaders, and pay attention to the enhancement of "endogenous motivation". "Leading Tourists to Villages" can provide insights for the development of rural tourism.

Key words: Leading Tourists to Villages, rural tourism, rural revitalization, development model